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After an eventful 2017, 2018 starts on a high for Keep Me Posted with EnergyAustralia’s announcement that they are scrapping paper fees for all their customers.

It’s a huge win for consumers, the proof that consumer voices matter and have the power to influence companies’ decisions.

In December, Keep Me Posted’s contribution to Treasury’s consultation into Paper billing fees unequivocally supported the option of a total ban on paper fees (click here to download).

Other organisations publically supported the ban including Consumer Action Law Centre and Digital Finance Analytics. We are now looking forward to Treasury’s recommendations and State and Federal Consumer Affairs Ministers’ decision.

In the meantime, Keep Me Posted keeps on the fight and calls on companies to not wait for a legislative change to do the right thing and scrap the fees.

Also, the States have the power to act now without waiting for a decision at a Federal level as shown by NSW’s move to ban the fees on energy bills.

We call on our supporters to write to their Premiers to ask them to ban paper fees on all utilities (see below).

In 2018, together, we will end paper fees.

We will Keep You Posted!





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Hi Darren

Our monthly wrap of all things paper and print features the rediscovery of print for a number of brands, the comeback of the infamous ‘Share A Coke’ campaign, as well as how retailers are getting into the Christmas spirit with their catalogue campaigning.

You can also find stories on the advantages of customising print and how this medium is effective in capturing consumers’ attention.

Just a friendly reminder that the TSA office will be closed from December 22 to January 8 for the holidays.

Keep in touch, enjoy the read and Merry Christmas!

- The TSA Team




A few years ago content strategies were built around online and creative teams almost exclusively coming up with ideas for Facebook, writing posts for blogs or building websites, the approach has changed thanks to the re-discovery of a beautifully tactile way to bring content to life: print.

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"This summer in the UK, we are seeing the latest iteration of 'Share A Coke' to hit the shelves in the form of bottles with carefully selected holiday destinations printed on the labels in place of the famous Coca-Cola logo."

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To customise or not to customise, that is the question. With consumers more content savvy than ever before, marketing analysts agree: to customise and deliver meaningful consumer messages is the answer.

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Consumers are busy, distracted and fed stimuli from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep. With so much noise, it's difficult for a brand to distinguish themselves and remain topical within consumer’s eyes. If brands can’t capture the attention of consumers, how they will survive? 

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The catalogue is making a return this Christmas with retailers including Sears returning to print for the first time in years. The American retailer has brought back its iconic holiday catalogue, first printed in 1933, after scrapping it for digital in 2011.

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To attract more customers into independent stores, travel agency Advantage Travel Partnership implemented a 2-part print and mail campaign sparking the travel bug within many. Their first publication reactivated existing customers who hadn't booked with the agency for more than a year.

This case study is accessible to all TSA members.

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Catalogues deliver outstanding retail spending results

Welcome to our final E-News for 2016. It was a terrific year and we look forward to releasing our annual Industry Report filled with industry metrics and case studies highlighting the strength of catalogue and letterbox marketing.

Letterbox marketing now has an audience reach of 21.8 million Australians each week, our volumes are stable in an environment where many other media channels are facing double digit declines and of course we are thrilled with the ongoing strength of catalogues with Trusted Advisors 20 times more likely to read catalogues. 

This month we explore catalogue marketing within the Liquor, Food and Fashion sectors as they offer pages to explore product ranges, push strong sales incentives and build brand equity triggers.

Enjoy the festive season, giggle, eat and be merry but most importantly keep safe and I look forward to working with you all throughout 2017.

Kellie Northwood



With technology growth and omnichannel experiences, retail industry marketing is undergoing disruption.

Nonetheless, research and experience show that in the marketing mix, the modest catalogue remains the most effective and resilient media channel for the retail industry. This is particularly true for the liquor retail sector.

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The Secret Catalog – a bespoke, password-protected physical and online experience – is the perfect marketing equation of mystery, membership and Instagram aesthetic, to create an experience that feels exciting and special. It’s also competitive; when the online shop launched yesterday, people can buy items on a first-come-first-served basis after ordering the winter catalogue and receiving the password.

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Coles Magazine, printed by IPMG as part of the group’s wider marketing services relationship with Coles, has again topped the Roy Morgan readership survey with 3.67 million Australians reading the supermarket title each month.

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For feedback or comments regarding ACA eNews please contact:

TSA launches new website

From Two Sides to TSA Limited

Since the 2012 launch, Two Sides has grown from a campaign promoting the environmental credentials of paper and print to now encompass a total of 3 campaigns.

Value of Paper and Print (VoPP) promotes the effectiveness of print and paper as a modern media channel and Keep Me Posted is the consumer advocacy campaign.

We now have over 100 active members and supporter companies and today, all 3 campaigns fall under the branch of TSA Limited. Find out all about us and our campaigns on our new website.

Check it out here

Two Sides challenges perceptions about 'green' business behaviour

Posted by B&T Magazine

Which media channel is the greenest, and are we supporting the wrong channel with our 'green' choices? These are the questions being explored in a campaign from Two Sides, a global initiative from the Graphic Communications Industry promoting sustainable business practices.

A distinctive feature of the modern consumer is that they want to purchase products and services that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Many providers of goods and services recognise the impact of this trend for path-to-purchase decisions and their marketing strategies now include a variety of green claims, such as 'pure, natural or eco-friendly', to entice the socially and environmentally conscious consumer.

Two Sides explores the impact of the messages that companies use to market their products and services to capture the attention of modern day consumers.

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You asked and we delivered - VoPP launches magazine promoting the power of print

For some time we have been hearing the call from Members to bring a printed publication into the VoPP campaign deliverables.  With industry sponsorship and more Members joining we are finally in a position to bring to you our first ever VoPP Mag and the team couldn't be more excited!

The first Spring 2016 edition, entitled The Print Issue is filled with a mixture of Australian, New Zealand and international content exploring how print is being used to drive successful marketing outcomes.

Your copy of VoPP mag is on its way to you - we hope you enjoy the read!  Should you require more copies, please contact Victoria Fratin




The 2015 edition of the Burgo Group Report (English version) is available in the media section of the web site:

 If the option does not appear, it is recommended that you refresh your cache.

After filling out the form you will receive an email, click on the footer to download the file as explained in the text of the message.


Sick of seeing 'think before you print' email footers?
It has become common practice to see emails with footer messages such as 'Do you really need to print this email? It will harm the environment.'
These messages often ignore the unique sustainability of print on paper and suggest that emails have no environmental footprint of their own.  Did you know that a year of incoming e-mail for a typical business user adds up to 135 kg of CO2d per year? This is equivalent to driving about 520 kilometres in an average card.
We have compiled a list of our own email footer suggestions that emphasise the inherent sustainable feature of print. read more

The consumer's right to choose

WHAT'S NEW?  In the last few weeks, Keep Me Posted has been the centre of attention as demonstrated on the media coverage section of the website.


Fusion Digital Paper

Fusion Digital Paper™ Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd

In today's world, there are numerous marketing tools to build your brand and help differentiate you from your competitors. Whether it's with traditional marketing or any of the options available with the internet, one thing remains constant - we are all trying to Stand Out From The Crowd.

Click here to download Fusion Digital Paper's Woven Fabric Repositionable Sample

See Fusion Digital Paper's™ Education Menu Sample Click here to download

Value of Paper and Print

Print is better - Mark Ritson tells marketers to dump digital

Part of AANA's Marketing Deconstructed Lectures, Professor Mark Ritson raises provocative and challenging concepts surrounding current marketing trends, entitled Communications - The Death of the Digital / Traditional Divide.

Aussies vs Kiwis - who loves print more?

Consumers today have access to more information than ever before, whether via a digital device, television screen, printed catalogue, newspaper, radio or more - we live in an information rich world and companies are struggling to determine which communication channel to use when engaging consumers.

Results of a new survey conducted by Two Sides and Toluna Inc. examining consumer's communication preferences may assist companies when making marketing decisions as results show that 74% of Aussies and 78% of Kiwis prefer to read from paper than from screens.

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Lee & Man

Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited - Intro to Tissue

Tissue Products

  • Wood Pulp / Bamboo Pulp Based
  • Bath / Facial / Napkin / Kitchen Tissue

Click here to download PDF

Two Sides

'Cool' media doesn't alway equal effectiveness





Two SidesThe majority of Australian Consumers value paper and disagree with digital-only communications

Results of a new survey conducted by Two Sides and Toluna Inc. show that a majority of Australians want to retain a choice for paper options rather than be forced into "digital-only" communications. The survey also provides insight into how consumers view the environmental impacts of digital versus paper-based communications and how they perceive and use paper in their everyday lives. For example, 69% of respondents want the option to continue receiving printed information as it provides a more permanent record and 88% agreed that, when responsibly produced,   used and recycled, print and paper can be a sustainable way to communicate.

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Australian Catalogue Association58% of Australians read catalogues

We continue to find overwhelming readership statistics to support the power of letterbox marketing, the latest issue of the ACRS Omnibus Survey Results reports that catalogues are well read by Australians with 58% reading what they receive in their letterbox and more than half - 54% - preferring print catalogues over digital catalogues at 19%. Strong results and the full research can be downloaded on the ACA website.

ACRS Omnibus Survey

Technology is doing more harm than good in our schools

Recent research and local experience shows learning and retention limitations to using digital technology as a study tool in the classroom when compared to pencil and paper. Findings from a worldwide survey indicate students who used computers very frequently at school did a lot worse than kids who used computers moderately. Consequently, countries which have invested heavily in education technology have seen no noticeable improvement in their performances in results for reading, mathematics or science.

Print and paper play a key role in learning and literacy

Direct mail response rate outperforms digital media by a long shot

Did you know...

The response rate for direct mail is 3.7%. All digital channels combined only achieves a 0.52% response rate.

Over 80% of Australians read addressed and unaddressed mail every week.

26 minutes is the average readership of brochures, leaflets and catalogues in a week.

Nickable Charts

Two Sides

After reading a catalogue 36% of consumers go online to further investigate products advertised

  • 25% of consumers keep a catalogue, brochure or leaflet for further use
  • Catalogue advertising offers double the recall of the average newspaper advertisement
  • New Nickable Charts

The Value of Paper and Print is the environmental campaign by Two Sides promoting the environmental credentials of paper and print.

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