Our approach to the management of environmental issues is guided by the rules set out in the international standards.

All our mills manufacture products with specific attention to quality and in such a way as to minimise the environmental impact of the production process, and usage and disposal of products.  They are committed to managing energy carefully and optimising the use of natural resources and raw materials and use the best available technology within their means.

Connect Paper Plus is proud to be a member of Two Sides. Two Sides is the environmental campaign promoting the environmental credentials of paper and print. Our membership means that we are committed to minimising and reducing the environmental impact of our business activities so that we contribute to Sustainable Development. Visit www.twosides.org.au to find out more.

E-waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream in Australia

The third and final part to the Life Cycle series zeros in on the end life of digital vs paper.

We hope this series can help with your sustainability goals as we have set out to provide guidance on the environmental nature of both mediums. In doing so, we aim to dispel the myth that going digital means ‘going green’ by highlighting a second side to the story.

To download the Electronic Waste Case Study please click here.

To view earlier case studies on Manufacturing and Raw Materials Sourcing visit www.twosides.org.au.